Nichole is a Kingsport native, life-long Sullivan county resident, a wife and mother of 3 daughters, 13, 12, and 5. Nichole is a 7th generation Appalachian and her family settled in eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia in the early 1700’s. 

Nichole studied speech communication at Northeast State, was published in the Who’s Who, interned for Congressman Phil Roe, and went on to work as a sales manager in the car business for many years. Nichole knows how to talk to people,  and how to close a deal, a skill set that seems to be missing in D.C.  

As a concerned patriot, and mother, she is trying to make a difference for her family, community and country. Nichole was the first to declare for this seat last August because campaigns exist to prove how hard you are willing to work. Nichole is the hardest working candidate in this race and she will continue that hard work if elected.

*This bio was submitted by the candidate.