Every Candidate will be given three minutes to make an opening statement. After each Candidate’s opening statement, debate questions will begin. Each Candidate will be allotted a total of two minutes to respond to the question given. Once each Candidate has responded to the question, a total of eight minutes for all candidates will be given for rebuttals. Every Candidate will be limited to one minute for his/her rebuttal. Once the rebuttal period has ended, the moderators will move onto the next question. If one candidate dominates the rebuttal period, he/she will be asked to let the other candidates voice their beliefs. If none of the candidates rebut the question, then the moderators will move on.

The moderators will try to ask as many questions as possible with a maximum number of ten questions. At the end of the debate, every Candidate will be given the opportunity to make a closing statement no more than two minutes long. The Debate will end at approximately 9:00 p.m. EST.

Donations from the audience will be collected during the event for Safe Space.

updated 7/28/2020