Born the oldest of seven siblings, Josh Gapp, MD, grew up in a trailer park with Ronald Reagan as his hero inspiring him to pursue the American Dream.

As a teenager still in high school, Josh acted early on those dreams by taking out a business loan for his first
entrepreneurial endeavor.

By the age of 20, Josh married his wife Angie, who would
become his partner in business.

At 21, Josh and Angie learned what it meant to become
employers, creating jobs for hard-working Americans.

Together they have faced all the challenges of owning businesses. They know what it’s like to have to struggle to make payroll, and in 21 years they have never failed to pay their employees on time, despite all the economic ups and downs.

In the midst of starting and running businesses, Josh decided to go to medical school,
eventually becoming a pathologist specializing in dermatopathology. Josh owns and operates medical practices in Johnson City and Knoxville.

Dr. Gapp always pushes himself to learn and achieve more, and he eventually decided
to pursue his Master’s in Business, which he earned from Vanderbilt University in 2013.

Josh and Angie are busy parents, raising their four children, ages 10-20. Their oldest attends college in Nashville.

Josh Gapp believes his lifelong drive as an entrepreneur and experience in starting
multiple successful businesses, as well as being a practicing physician will allow him to
go to Washington to cut the regulatory red tape that stifles innovation and

*This bio was submitted by the candidate.