“First, I am not a politician. The only political thing I have done was to work on the campaign to elect Maynard Jackson the first Black Mayor of Atlanta. I am an American more over an Appalachian, I have lived in three of the First District counties. I share your pains and mindset.

“I am a Manufacturing Engineer in Greeneville. I specialize in the automation of manufacturing production lines. That is not to take people off the line but to ensure every part is made correctly and data has been gathered to show that. I am a Submarine Veteran, five years on a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine, USS Von Steuben, SSBN632. I fought the Cold War. Since the Navy, I have worked on the leading edge of tele/data communications, embedded process control and renewable energy.

“Politically I am middle of the road that is where our country functions best and was meant to be. If you were to liken me to anyone in Congress, it would be Rand Paul. I stand for what I believe and will not discount that for any reason. I speak, though out of practice, German and Spanish.”

*This bio was submitted by the candidate.